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The Reason Our Economy Bites

What’s wrong with us? Why are we unemployed, selling nothing, and getting ripped off from every angle? Seriously, look around. Everything that is not gold glitters all around us, while we exist surrounded by unneeded, sale-priced, junky trinkets. Why are half the businesses boarded up in our downtowns?

A couple of real-life Zombies I know and like. Check out the Zombie in the background.

Some offer real, quality products, others offer willing service, and some offer ideas to make a change for the better; they are all confronted with skepticism and low consumer confidence. Apathy abounds. While no one wants to be sold anything, every one wants to buy something, and they do, only to be scammed out of some semi-hard-earned dollars, expending minimal mental energy as they go it alone. Frustration furrows the brow of the collective face. All the while, experts keep hammering ignorant peasants with Frequency and Copy in an attempt to gain Mind Space.

Trust? Forget about it.

Both sides, consumers and sellers, are reeling about like brain-thirsty zombies moaning, “poor me, times are tough,” which is true. We are poor and getting poorer; the times are getting tougher for those that lack skill, talent, and education regarding one forsaken idea that we must return to.

The skill? The ability to identify real value. The talent? Demonstrating value. The education? The knowledge of what is an expense, what is an asset, what is the break even, why and how does it fit this next product, service, or idea. As consumers and as capitalists, we need to ask and determine for ourselves, and demonstrate for others:

What is the value?

I am becoming convinced that the core issue in our economy will never be addressed and corrected by the Government, the Corporations, your boss, your neighbor, the banks or anyone else. The issue must be faced and fixed by us, where the F2F hits the road, down here at the buyer/salesman level.

This central question, “What exactly is the value?” has been wrapped up in so much crap. The sellers are saying that the crap-wrap is the answer. The buyers are living in fear because they can’t tell the package from the product or the feature from the benefit. The sales guys and gals can’t earn enough trust or credibility to overcome the abuse the market has taken from the glitter salesmen over the last 40 years. Now, 99% of people just want Big Brother to take care of us.

I have a lot more to say, but I want to get this first part started because this is a basic idea with big implications: Identifying and demonstrating value causes the rich to get richer and the times to get more golden.

Make a comment. Really. It will be valuable, I think.

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4 Responses to “The Reason Our Economy Bites”

  1. I agree, Mike. It stems from fundamental deficiencies in our educational matrix.Financial illiteracy: The basic ideas of wealth and wealth creation evade us because we don’t understand what the foundation is: money, assets, liabilities and cost versus value.Critical thinking: We have forgotten how to think critically. “What am I getting for my money?”—dollar-to-benefit. It takes a village: I’m not talking socialism here, but market. Money makes it possible for us to diversify and create niche markets. Interdependence on those markets create real sustainable communities—not the fake one’s offered by the central planners.Trust Trust is an integral factor in creating a sustainable community—a free-market—you’ve got to be able to trust that services paid for will be rendered and vise-versa.
    Tell it like it is!
    It’s time to disperse knowledge with an attitude of authority. The enemies of culture and community are quick to ridicule what is obvious from history and experience as illogical and misguided. True, it seems counter-intuitive, but it has a proven track record. We need to be standing on that record when we emphatically state our positions—the defense of free-markets and basic economic fundamentals.

  2. Mike Davidson says:

    Bill said Trust is an integral factor in creating a sustainable community—a free-market—you’ve got to be able to trust that services paid for will be rendered and vise-versa.
    How can we trust one another? I know that this would be the spot to plug my book, http://yourultimatesalesforce.com , and also BizBuilders Networking Groups ( so I did), but what are some other answers? How can we increase consumer confidence and relieve the fears in the market place right now?

  3. In any relationship, fear goes hand in hand with distrust. Within the seven steps to the sale—outlined in Your Ultimate Sales Force, Chapter 7 “The Sales Recipe”, establishing yourself as the expert gives people confidence and trust in buying from you.
    National Economy
    Restoring consumer confidence nationally has to do with peoples perception of the state of the national economy. I think that the best thing that entrepreneurs can do is proceed with caution and diversify as much as possible. I say that because the signals that the market normally gives have been distorted by government interference and are no longer reliable. Businesses fail when they get false or misleading signals from the tainted marketplace and over extend their resources. Have a backup “Oh, shit” plan, diversify your business resources for alternative outcomes and proceed with caution.

  4. I just realized that the response I gave for restoring consumer confidence on a national level was a reaction based on fear. Uncertainty is part of the market. We cannot depend on government to fix this thing, we have to do it ourselves. Write a rock solid business plan. Include everything you will need to make the business a success—including sales training, networking, a marketing, advertising and a budget to back it up. And go for it!

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