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All In One – Business Networking PLUS

A networking group, when properly run and and with the right people, should be more than an on-going referral source. Of course generating referral business is often times the #1 reason to join a BizBuilders Networking Group, or any business networking group, for that matter. But the hour spent can yield so much more, such as

A Leadership Opportunity: One of the stated mission of BizBuilders is to give some practice for business people to run an effective meeting.

A speaking opportunity: Sign up to give a business-related presentation.

Camaraderie and fellowship with like-minded people.

A place to go to get the day started. My brother Fred, when he first started working from home, was having trouble getting the day started. I suggested for him to go to the coffee shop at 30 minutes before he was to start the work day and grab a coffee and say hello to a friend or 2. The coffee shop was exactly 1/2 way to work. Once a week, your business networking group will get you out of the house or office.

A place to make personal connections and gather personal resources. There’s more to business than just business.

Get the materials you need to run your great group, and then gather the right people, and make it happen!

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