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Get Together F2F

Meeting together face to face, F2F, trumps a phone call or a text, everyone would agree. Video chat is a good way to go for long distance dealings, but whenever possible, to build real relationships there is nothing like sitting down in person. Business networking and business networking groups remain powerful ways to build business relationships, generate referrals, and word-of-mouth business because of the simple fact that we meet in person.

Google+ has a great feature now called “Hangout” that allows a video chat conference. It is a lot of fun and I use it a lot to connect with people that are more than 30 minutes away. But my BizBuilders Networking Group is more powerful over the long term because we actually are together. In this day and age of text and email, a phone call feels personal! A video chat is fun and exciting, but the visit – in person – is still the best, most human, and effective means of building relationships.

Because of this fact, we are honored to try to facilitate people meeting F2F for business reasons. Business is a great excuse to make more friends and enjoy life with more people. Our curriculum and program is perfect for starting a business networking group and creating more business by getting people together. F2F is what we do!


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