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It’s not always about the $$$$$

Years later he sails with his wife!

One of my favorite networking adventures happened years ago when a friend of mine, a bizmigo actually, had another bizmigo that needed a boat moved from Hawaii to San Diego. At that time, we were under the “Old School Business Networking Model” and had a chapter of BizBuilders Networking Groups in Hawaii and one in San Diego. So when Norm called me, to see if I knew anyone, sure enough, I did. I called down to the San Diego Chapter, found an able bodied sailor and 24 hours later he was on a plane to Hawaii, all expenses paid, to help crew a 30′ sail boat to San Diego. 28 days later, he was back at home.
I am still friends and bizmigos with both Norm, the guy who had a need and Jonathon, the fellow who sailed the boat. There was a lot of adventures on that 28 day trip that we still talk and laugh about. But here’s the point: The referral you give will benefit you somehow, and rarely directly. Also, it is not always “just about the money,” as many people assert and most likely fear. How about you? Are you reaching out to your network and looking for help beyond “just the money?” Are you making yourself available to your network and “paying it forward?” Are you building your business by building relationships? If you are, you are increasing. If not, you maybe squandering opportunity, and we just can’t be doing that in this do-it-yourself economy.
When you start or join a chapter of BizBuilders Networking Groups, you will be increasing your opportunity worldwide. Not just in teh money department but in the life and people departments, also. Go ahead, click and buy your started kit and start the adventure!

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