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The Reason Our Economy Bites

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

What’s wrong with us? Why are we unemployed, selling nothing, and getting ripped off from every angle? Seriously, look around. Everything that is not gold glitters all around us, while we exist surrounded by unneeded, sale-priced, junky trinkets. Why are half the businesses boarded up in our downtowns?

A couple of real-life Zombies I know and like. Check out the Zombie in the background.

Some offer real, quality products, others offer willing service, and some offer ideas to make a change for the better; they are all confronted with skepticism and low consumer confidence. Apathy abounds. While no one wants to be sold anything, every one wants to buy something, and they do, only to be scammed out of (more…)

Passion for YOUR Mission

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

By Dr. Lawrence Wood
Lawrence A. Wood, MD

We could tell that Spring was upon us when, seated on our stoop, my best friend and I watched him shuffle passed us. His shoes were so big or so small – we couldn’t tell –  that he walked on the backs which gave way and folded down to expose his filthy heels. The dirt on his body and face was blackened and caked like too much make-up. His hair was unruly and matted and his clothes were equally soiled. We called him John-the-Bum.

He never said a word. He never retaliated, if we made a comment or called after him with some scornful or ridiculous question. In fact, I never heard his voice, but the memory of this insignificant man created in me a (more…)

Hyper Motivated Henry Rollins

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Henry Rollins. You may love him, you may not. You may understand that he is a punk revolutionary that led Black Flag and a whole generation of social fringe agitators and irritators through the 80’s and kept going until today he is a movie star, he is a prolific blogger on his website www.HenryRollins.com and he has a hit show on KCRW which you will not want to expose children to.

You may have never heard of him, or you may seriously dislike him and his message. But whatever the case, when I thought one day to myself, “Who is the most hyper-motivated, extreme accomplisher of his own goals, dreams and vision in the world?” the first name that came to mind was Henry Rollins.

Henry was kind enough to allow an email interview. His outlook will inspire and motivate you. Some (more…)

BizBuilders Networking Groups Curriculum

Friday, September 24th, 2010

According to Napoleon Hill, a mastermind group is essential to success. Word of mouth advertising is the undisputed champion of the most effective methods of getting good business. Many organizations don’t have the old weekly sales meetings, and many reps are not being held accountable and or encouraged enough every week. Solopreneurs can suffer from isolation that robs them of their motivation.
A Business Networking Group can be the cure for all those ailments. Some benefits to a functional, effective Networking Group can be referrals passed to you, business skills that you can pick up from presentations and discussions held, camaraderie and encouragement on a regular basis, and a chance to build yourself a sales force by having 5 – 25 other people from your group out remembering you in conversations and passing out your business cards. Promoting one another’s services and products, and becoming customers of each other can take your business to the next level.
To date, there really are just 2 main courses of action if you want to be in a business networking group; Find one that exists and join it, or start your own. For many industries, starting your own is the way to go because your industry seat may already be taken. Even if there were an organization that had groups in your area, chances are something would not work for you: the dues they demand might be too expensive, they might have a philosophy that does not jibe with yours. Maybe the group has dilapidated to a social meeting. Maybe the group is too punitive, or militant. Maybe it is just plain corny. Here’s a couple of things that you might consider if you want to get into a structured weekly networking environment.
The first option is to locate all the groups in your area and see if there is a spot you can fill. I recommend that you do this because you will make a lot of contacts and you just might hit it it off with some people that can really inspire and equip you to do great things. Also, you might just find the perfect match for you; a meeting at the right time, the right distance from your home or place of business, that meshes with your business philosophy and a method that you will enjoy being a part of.
The second course of action is to start one of your own. Benefits: You name the time and place, you direct and lead or at least choose the person that you want to lead the group the way you would like to have it go. You will make more contacts by starting it yourself and you will have a higher visibility (read, more referrals). The con: How to go about it? There is a lot to a networking group, especially starting one, and a lot of it is counter-intuitive. That is, things that would seem to make sense end up destroying a group, and some things you think don’t matter do, and the things a group needs to have just aren’t apparent. So what you need is help.
The answer? Over the last 5 years, the folks at BizBuilders Networking Groups (yes, one of my companies) have developed the 1st Do-It-Yourself Networking Group Start-up and Maintenance Curriculum that gives you all the information and tools that you need – all the forms, the methodology and structure, including web-presence – that you need to get a group started, all at about 10% of the cost to the members to join as joining one of the big dues-collecting organizations.
Here’s how it works: You buy the curriculum, which comes in various sets, and you do the work to get the group together. It is all laid out for you. Each member just purchases their own supplies, or the group can share, whatever, and they each sign up to be listed as a member on the local chapter web-page, which is supplied with the Chapter Start Up Kit. If your chapter, or you, want to collect some dues (which is a good idea because there should be a financial commitment on the part of the members), that’s okay. It stays with you or your chapter. You can use it for whatever you or your chapter feels is most important. If you want to have a group that has no dues, then that’s fine, too.
Here’s why it makes sense: In reality the person that starts the group and leads the group does all the work anyway. Why not spend just a couple hundred dollars and have a whole chapter up and running with each member spending a little bit to be listed on the website and buying their own supplies for a few dollars instead of sending THOUSANDS as a group off to the “National HQ” for “support” that they rarely really deliver?
Why this is the time: I just rolled out the website and the opportunity to get the curriculum this morning. Right now, I am offering the Chapter page set up as part of the package price, and the members listing is only 7 bucks a month. More importantly, it takes time to build a real network, so every week that goes by is vitally important. Getting started is sometimes the hardest part, but it is the part that truly successful people do to differentiate themselves from the herd. Your future is determined by how soon you start and how well you do on everything. Getting started on your networking group and meeting like-minded professionals and passing referrals back and forth is best done immediately.

The Proper Etiquette for Great Meetings

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

By Michael Davidson

It is important that we have a well organized and productive meeting. With some effort on the part of each individual, there is no reason the group shouldn’t have fun and enjoy and look forward to every meeting. It’s time to have everyone review this again. We can all improve. I write this to remind myself as much as anyone; the key to a great meeting is Start on Time, Get the information passed, End on Time.  Here are some things we need to keep in mind:

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Arrive early

Punctuality is a characteristic not an occurrence. If I can’t keep an appointment at my company with my team, you can bet I don’t have the self-discipline to keep my new client from waiting around. It’s a scientific fact that if you arrive early, you can’t be late.  Arriving early to avoid or anticipate the unexpected or last minute details for the meeting can give you an edge.  If you’re late, you may be too late. If you’re on time you’re late.  If you arrive early – you win!

Hear the whole thing before disagreeing or correcting

Most times, if we pay attention, we get all of our objections answered during the course of a presentation. If not, a great way to find out the rest of the story is to ask politely. Again, most times the answer is agreeable to what you want, especially in a team setting. No one likes to be corrected, and you’ll find that out real soon when it is your turn.  I always want our guest speakers and our team members to be comfortable giving a presentation. That is our responsibility: to make them comfortable and keep them willing to come or get up and help the team, not beat up and resentful or reluctant to come back or give of themselves.

Take Notes and Hold questions for end of presentation

If someone is giving a presentation, it is best to write questions down and ask them at the end of their spiel. There is a good chance that that question would be answered in a planned presentation, and asking a the question disturbs the flow of the presenter and often you get a 5 minute diatribe and distraction from the topic. Taking notes is always a great idea.

Never speak in a meeting unless you are speaking to the entire group

Nothing makes a meeting take longer or seem like chaos and frustrates the people in the meeting like a couple “side conversations” going on. The people not involved can’t hear, those involved in the side conversation miss information and just about every time it has to be repeated to them. Often it is information the entire team could benefit from, and often the side conversation has content that the entire team could benefit from also, so it gets repeated again. So make this your policy: In the notes you are taking, write down any topics that you need to talk to someone individually and set up a meeting with that person if it is a private matter. We would like to have our meetings be done, and be done ASAP. Please do your part to keep the meeting moving and on track and starting on time, getting the information passed, and ending on time.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” ~ Aristotle