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Posts Tagged ‘business networking groups’

Passion for YOUR Mission

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

By Dr. Lawrence Wood
Lawrence A. Wood, MD

We could tell that Spring was upon us when, seated on our stoop, my best friend and I watched him shuffle passed us. His shoes were so big or so small – we couldn’t tell –  that he walked on the backs which gave way and folded down to expose his filthy heels. The dirt on his body and face was blackened and caked like too much make-up. His hair was unruly and matted and his clothes were equally soiled. We called him John-the-Bum.

He never said a word. He never retaliated, if we made a comment or called after him with some scornful or ridiculous question. In fact, I never heard his voice, but the memory of this insignificant man created in me a (more…)

Hyper Motivated Henry Rollins

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Henry Rollins. You may love him, you may not. You may understand that he is a punk revolutionary that led Black Flag and a whole generation of social fringe agitators and irritators through the 80′s and kept going until today he is a movie star, he is a prolific blogger on his website www.HenryRollins.com and he has a hit show on KCRW which you will not want to expose children to.

You may have never heard of him, or you may seriously dislike him and his message. But whatever the case, when I thought one day to myself, “Who is the most hyper-motivated, extreme accomplisher of his own goals, dreams and vision in the world?” the first name that came to mind was Henry Rollins.

Henry was kind enough to allow an email interview. His outlook will inspire and motivate you. Some (more…)

Cell phones on stun

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Please, let’s turn off the ringers on our phones. In formal meetings, it is customary and just considerate to leave the phone ringer turned off or leave the phone in the other office or car. Unless you are expecting an emergency call, please do not interrupt others by taking routine office calls during a meeting. It shows disrespect to both the president of the meeting and the attendees. A sales and or training meeting is one notch down from a “formal” meeting, yet you may still be asked to turn your phones off. Also, be respectful of those who are expecting an emergency call, and sit on the interior seats, leaving the outboard seats for those of us that may have emergency or urgent calls. We don’t want to miss that call, but at least when the vibrator goes off, we can quickly slip out of the room and handle the call.